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    Welcome any individuals, communities or organizations in U.S. to join MACSSA, to share your experience in living and studying in U.S.. And most importantly, to help those new-comers to settle down.

Procedure:Apply through "MACSSA Administration" board, or message Web Administrator fzwae or wdgcas.

Benefit:If a community or organization as whole would like to join us, we will open a specific discuss board for it, e.g. “Umass Med”. If needed, we can also open a discuss board for a specific city/district, e.g. “ Worcester Plaza ”. A logo for that community/organization can be also added into the website logo if requested.

Requirement: Being able to understand Chinese is of great advantage when surfing within this website, but not a must; Applicants must be willing to serve as the manager for the board opened, to set up the rules, and to provide basic information to get the board running.

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麻省大学医学院 University of Massachusetts Medical School  

克拉克大学 Clark University  

伍斯特理工 Worcester Polytechnic Institute  

University of Connecticut